FCS Vision

Disruptive Digital Technologies

FCS Vision

Disruptive Digital Technologies

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Urban Engines, Opower, 2FA Inc, GovDelivery, and Granicus. Exits have even occurred starting with the US government’s OpenData datasets — like Climate Corp’s $930M sale to Monsanto.

  • Fraud detection
  • Law enforcement
  • Permits
  • Bond issuance
  • Driverless vehicle traffic management
  • drone traffic control
  • Real-time video analytics
  • Public service cognitive chatbots

Fintech startups exceeded $38 billion in 2016. Blockchain technology, which can potentially reach over $2.6 billion by 2022 due to the growing confidence in its disruptive ability to generate immense value in payments, settlements, and clearing in securities processing by making financial services safer, faster, cheaper, secure, and transparent.

  • Money Transfer
  • Retail Banking
  • Online lending
  • Financial Literacy
  • Credit Ratings
  • Crypto-currencies

Cloud security represents a rapidly growing market with the potential to achieve revenues in excess of $10 billion by 2022

  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Hacked APIs
  • Compromised credentials
  • Broken authentication
  • DoS attacks
  • Data breaches

To deliver personalized marketing content seamlessly through multiple digital channels as well as design marketing and advertising campaigns agile enough to adopt to consumer behavior. Ad target solutions and automatic ad sales known as programmatic advertisements. In the US alone, programmatic advertising is expected to cross $30 billion by 2022

  • Workflow optimization
  • Inventory consolidation
  • Customer engagement tools
  • Back end system
  • Algorithms for precise targeting capabilities

Development of technologies supporting remote care and the implementation of preventative digital health programs, the global digital healthcare market is expected to exceed $225 billion by 2022