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Range of Our Services
Elearning, like other technology sectors, presents itself in a state of constant evolution. Consequent to this ever-flux in business environment, every organization requires expert service providers who are in the know of exacting needs of customers and have the ability to deliver brilliant solutions to issues. FCS Software Solutions Limited seeks to strive towards this very objective.

FCS Software Solutions could be your right partner for facilitating Elearning into your work environment. FCS offers comprehensive solutions for the Elearning industry. Our solutions are time-tested, powerful and cost-effective and they cater to the varied needs of every organization. FCS has a trail-blazing record in helping its worldwide customer-base achieve continual growth with existing and new technologies.

FCS Software Solutions services its customers in a wide array of competencies. To enumerate our core-competencies, here's an overview:

Custom Courseware

FCS has the competence to create quality Elearning courseware for your organization. We can modify existing courses to suit your specific organizational needs, re-purpose your existing instructor-led training or build a custom solution based on your vision and specific business needs. Our customized Elearning solutions enhance productivity and improve performance within your organization. Value-added utilities like skills assessment, animated glossary and search capabilities can create customized learning paths, determine mastery and permit the courses to be used as reference material. Further, simulations and multiple types of scored tests can be used to enhance the learning experience through interaction and hands-on application of the newly acquired knowledge.



The first and the most integral step is to check if the relevant resources and content are available or not. We also seek resources from where you can find the appropriate content to be used. The content could be in any type of form such as screenshots, images etc. The second step is to identify the target audience for whom we are supposed to develop the course. Next, we’ll move on to the task of designing the template on which we are going to work for the course. This much information helps us make an outline for the course. After we have got our course outline approved from the client, we start with the scripting or the story boarding phase. Along with the story boards, visual layouts are also sent to the client for approval. At this stage, the beta phase starts where the QA tests the course before actually deploying it. Then the course is deployed and strong maintenance and analyzers are used to measure the value of the course formed.

Self-paced Training Services

FCS’s self-paced training products are comprehensive and meet most of the compliance norms. We can develop instructor-led online training from scratch or even convert existing courses into the required format. Further, we also offer multi-lingual support and translation facilities. Our training courses are designed such that they sustain interest of participants and motivate employees.

Instructor-led Online Training

Instructor-led training from FCS brings to your employees the best of custom courseware along with collaborative tools like chat, message board, and forum etc. FCS also ensures that the training is standardized and uniform every time it is imparted.

Courseware Conversion

FCS has a competent team of software developers, instructional designers, editors, subject matter experts, multimedia specialists, Elearning specialists and visualizers to ensure high output and scalability. This complete team ensures good quality in all the courses delivered to our valued customers.

FCS aims at using RLO techniques, performing scalable operations, and ensuring compliance with standards like AICC, SCORM, and Section 508. FCS also follows a multilingual approach along with a team of competent, structured and motivated members.


Multilingual Support

FCS aims at developing training modules in different languages to provide a competitive edge over its competitors and allow you to consistently train learners, irrespective of their linguistic barriers. FCS has a talented team comprising of translation, programming and designing experts who perform the above-mentioned function.

Maintenance Support

FCS believes in maintaining a strong long-term relationship with its clients, sustaining the value, which FCS has received from its client. It does not just aim at churning new clients, but firmly believes in sustaining the old clients. We aim towards realizing our business objectives and not just installing the services. FCS takes utmost care in enhancing its sales customer support and service.

Product Maintenance

The product support team of FCS offers technical services to provide you support before, during, and after the technology has been implemented. FCS customer support team comprises of highly skilled professionals and experienced technical personnel to guide you every step of the way.


Courseware Maintenance

One of the most important objectives of any organization is to maintain something, which they already have. FCS excels in this field and provides perfection in every course by maintaining it with frequent changes and making it at par with others. FCS also excels in creating dynamic courses that can be used by any person with appropriate rights and that person can make changes too in that course.

Digital Content Services

FCS Software Solutions has extensive experience in providing digital content management services to meet the wide-ranging needs of organizations. Our expertise facilitates varied services in the area of digital content management. FCS training solutions are the revolutionary and time-tested e-SMARTtrain and e-SMARTsupport concept.

The FCS "production house" offers you complete solutions in all forms of digital services and we are also open to newer challenges. Our customer- centric approach and our ability to acclimatize to varied, dynamic business environments make us an organization to reckon with. FCS could be your perfect growth-agent because of our adherence to quality and cost-effective solutions.

We specialize in providing the following services:

  • Format conversion
    We at FCS excel in managing content, converting content into another format, enhancing it with the required changes, and further distributing it. FCS encourages its clients to leverage their knowledge assets, control costs, and broaden the business horizons. The e-learning team carries out the process of converting content of one format to another as well as media conversion. The tasks such as re- purposing, creating content from paper to general, and translating content are done with utmost care and by paying attention to all the small details in the content.
  • Content Re-purposing
    In order to re-purpose the content, FCS converts the course available in word format in other formats such as PPTs and flash presentations. According to your requirement, the content that has been prepared can be SCORM as well as Section 508 compliant
  • Content Creation from Paper to Digital
    The e-learning team at FCS excels in converting content from paper to digital and vice versa. The e-learning team comprises of instructional designers, writers, and researchers whose expertise and experience helps develop content from paper to digital in the required manner. And, all this is done first keeping in mind the requirements of the client and by accepting the client feedback.
  • Content Shrink for News Feeds etc.
    Shrinking news to get the real content and chunking out the news, which is not needed is a very important objective. The e-learning team at FCS performs the process of content shrinking. This enables us to serve our clients in a much better manner.


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