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Domain Expertise
FCS’ approach is to utilize a team of domain experts to work collaboratively to meet the client’s product specifications and designs. This enables us to ensure that we deliver solutions that actually meet customers' expectations and in the shortest possible time. We understand that technology has to deliver solutions that meet business needs. It is this requirement that fuels our continuous quest for understanding technological solutions for improving business processes as applicable to a host of verticals.

Customer Care Applications

We at FCS possess a time-tested guideline that can help your company to keep pace with fast-evolving customer demands-and increase employee productivity. With state-of-the art strategy, validated processes, competent professionals, reliable and secure applications, and a 24x7 support, FCS can offer you a competitive advantage and help you steer ahead in offering valuable customer care and support. And above all, with FCS, you get a distinct and competitive cost-effective solution.

Portals and Web Applications

We at FCS have understood the definition, need, and key requirements of enterprise portals. It is important to understand the typical architecture of portals so that we understand how certain technologies fit in the architecture to meet the requirements of portals. There are several software components that run in the background in portal implementation.  We at FCS understand this and much more. We understand that an effective portal can go a long way in positioning a company’s image and brand in the global atmosphere and make them productive and profitable ventures.


Sales Force Automation

FCS understands the nuances of Sales Force Automation system. Its competent workforce can effectively help you build a SFA system with essential elements for setup and master, contact management, sales activity management, Tracking opportunity and closing deals, E-Learning, Digital Cockpit (Reporting Section) etc. We can also provide a single, collaborative system that your entire sales organization can embrace and use so as to generate success in every aspect of your sales process from prospecting and lead conversion to team selling and real- time forecasting.

HR Information Systems

FCS understands your needs for a viable, cost-effective HRIS. Our competent work force is well versed with the elements of HRIS. Over the past decade we have extensively served several companies to design viable and cost-effective HRIS. If you are a global giant or a medium-sized company our expertise and depth of understanding helps us to serve almost anyone. We develop client-centric products that enable us to serve a plethora of industries, selling any product and located anywhere on the globe. We can also help you to plan out the strategy and the structure of HRIS. Post-deployment, we also provide a seamless 24x7 support to address all the problematic areas.

Content Management Systems

FCS has a commendable expertise in CMS development. We can design a CMS based on your specific requirements. We understand the finer nuances involved in a CMS design that involves solutions for the integration of database, workflow, and editorial tools. Our CMS solutions are scalable, cost-effective and include a 24x7 powerful support system. FCS’s competency in CMS design can be gauged from its strategic knowledge on CMS design.


Compliance Tracking Systems

FCS with its huge expertise in designing and developing Compliance Tracking Systems can develop compliance tracking systems that can suit your organization- specific requirement, for employees within the organization or for training an external client-base. Over the past one decade, FCS has garnered substantial expertise in developing systems that help organizations to help their employees meet the ever-increasing list of compliance norms.

Channel / Retail Management

With a well-experienced team, FCS has the capability to fill vigor to your channel management efforts by providing you time, cost-effective and in-depth design for long- term solutions. One of our core competencies in e-learning also helps us to expedite the reach of the product in the market through fast dissemination of information. Our multi-channel sales management solutions offer you to effectively reach out to your customers. FCS has a core competency in designing Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems that can equip your Sales Force with up-to-date product data. We also have the ability to configure, quote, update, forecast, close and place sales orders from anywhere, anytime. We can create online market places to enable you to sell to more people, more effectively at a lower cost.

EDI Services

Electronic Data Interchange technology is extremely vital for the success of any IT venture. FCS Software Solutions understands these nuances of and your need to implement strategic EDI technology to move ahead in the IT race. Our competent work force can provide you with world-class, cost-effective EDI services. Added to it, our support system operates on a 24x7 basis and can attend to all your critical needs for implementing strategic EDI solutions for your organization.


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