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Leadership in Information Technology
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The FCS Work Culture
  • Empowered Freedom: Think, innovate, and work independently for common goals. We can achieve everything if we do not worry on who gets the credit.
  • Treating Time as a Business Tool: Work fast to help your colleagues and company compete in the marketplace. Business happens at the speed of thought, so organize yourself for such fast-paced environment.
  • Continuous Learning for Consistent Innovation: Look out and stay in continuous learning posture. A frog in a well will never know what is happening in the ocean.
  • Listen to Voice of Customer: Our clients are the best people to know their businesses. They use our services to meet their business needs. This is the reason to read, hear and understand voice of customer and provide information and services the way they want it.
The FCS Core Values
  1. Trust: Act to generate trust and dependability in your work and environment.
  2. Transparency and Integrity: Meet the customer expectations through total transparency and integrity.
    1. Transparency: Inform your colleagues and clients about issues affecting their work, quickly and truthfully.
    2. Integrity: Do not over promise. Deliver what you promise. Be blunt and say what you mean or think within.
  3. Respect for Colleagues: Respect and appreciate your colleagues’ work and competency. It is the teamwork that makes the company win and deliver customer delight.

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