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Service Level Agreement

Off shore Support Service Client Association

FCS Consulting has proven track record of meeting Service Level Agreement (SLA) with clients. The system is transparent and SLA helps both parties to define the scope of work and services. Many service are on demand and optional. SLAs are designed to take care of client’s requirement, which could be offshore, onsite or a mix of both.

A typical Offshore SLA is illustrated below. This is indicative in nature. Scope of work and level of services can be extended, modified and enhanced depending upon the requirement. The requirement is well documented in SLA and agreed by both party before the sign off. A sample SLA between FCS Consulting and Client


Sr. Remote Service Offerings Scope
1 Maintenance of System Security  
1.1 Maintaining the System Security No
1.2 Developing Security System Policies Optional
1.3 Protecting Users Logon Ids and passwords Yes
1.4 Reviewing, Maintaining and creating new Logon Ids Yes
1.5 Understanding Authorization’s profile and constantly report them, as Organization needs. Yes
2 Creating and Maintaining background job schedules  
2.1 Creating and maintaining background job schedules Yes
2.2 Job scheduling, Planning, Monitoring and securing Yes
2.3 Job alerts and notification Yes
2.4 Recovery of failed job schedules Yes
2.5 Developing best practices for job schedule Yes
3 Managing changes in SAP Software Environment  
3.1 Developing processes to manage Changes such as Hot pack applications, set up parameters, etc Yes
3.2 Incorporation of changes needed in SAP Environment Yes
3.3 Analysis of SAP Transport Tools, setups and communicating changes, if any. Yes
4 Supporting Configuration & Customization in SAP environment  
4.1 Development and Enhancement of Business Process including Configuration& Customization for minor changes Yes
4.2 Maintain & trouble shoot Existing configuration & Customizations Yes
4.3 Maintain and update reports of customization documents Yes
4.4 Transporting customization Yes
4.5 Tracking Customization Activities Yes
5 Supporting Reports  
5.1 Gathering information needs Optional
5.2 Determining useful reports Optional
5.3 Developing new reports (Major reports to be treated as special projects) Optional
5.4 Improve efficiency of already developed reports and supporting used reports Optional
6 Transaction and Performance Support  
6.1 Reviewing Work Process Optional
6.2 Constantly reviewing or revisiting data contention Optional
6.3 Putting SAP Performance Tools and Methods into usage for load balancing, Performance Tuning etc. Optional
7 Archiving SAP Data  
7.1 To retain a manageable environment Optional
7.2 To reduce consumption of disk storage space Optional
7.3 To improve system performance. To protect historical information from accidental corruption or losses. Optional


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