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Technical Skills
Soft Skills


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The FCS Services

FCS off-the-shelf web-based training modules cover soft skills, technical and compliance training's.

Developed with the input of several leading Fortune 500 companies, the training features highly interactive learning modules. Every module includes professionally produced practice questions and exercises. The modules can be interspersed with relevant DVD video.

All of the video is bandwidth-scalable; learners receive the same engaging, instructional content.

The FCS modules are available as is, or customized to any extent desired – from minor text and logo changes to the incorporation of new motion video.





Technical skills:

The better acquainted you are with your equipment the more proactive you become. The modules helps you to achieve

  • An overview of the PC
  • The hardware components of a PC
  • The software components of a PC



Capitalize on your corporate information Network. Learn:

  • The basic principles, terminologies and components used in networking
  • The major networking, hardware topologies



The basic skills in handling images. Understand

  • Basics of scanning
  • Scanning operations
  • Scanning interfaces


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Soft skills:

Reinforce/Strengthen your corporate communications skills. Master

  • The art of creating successful presentation


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Help create a more healthier, more conducive environment.

  • Create environment for prevention of sexual harassment at workplace


Reinforce your awareness on internal control standards.

  • understand the provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Law focusing on Section 404 requirement
  • recognize the importance of framework for Internal Control
  • how to assess and review internal control under COSO Framework


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FCS offers :
Robust training and tracking platform

Scalable E-learning content management platform
Assessment Tools
Custom Courseware