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.NET Case Studies

The entire team at FCS focuses on long term relationships with our customers. We take pride in consistently delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction and strive to provide customers the competitive edge by leveraging the latest in technology.

Some of our .NET development exposure:

Client: Leading Online Gaming Solutions Company in USA

Problem Statement: The client developed a software application using Microsoft (ASP & VB 6.0) & Java technologies. Soon they started to encounter the following problems with this application:

  • Users complaining of very slow access speed over web due to large number of betting transactions being handled by the server during peak hours of the game. The data security was also not very strong.
  • Having deployed this application in different countries, there was a huge need for customizing the application in different languages and different currencies.
  • Very little documentation on the architecture of the existing application was available, which resulted in version release management to different customers.

Implementing all of the above problems in the existing application required major level changes in the original architecture coupled with huge investments and time.

FCS Solution: To take advantage of recent technology improvements and to provide an excellent and easy to use experience to the users of the application, FCS suggested to develop a new solution utilizing Microsoft .NET technologies, worldwide standards and practices.

The new application has the following features:

  • Developed in C#, ASP.NET & Java script languages
  • New database backend (MS SQL 2000)
  • All database calls are through web services using custom objects (no datasets).
  • Multi Language support
  • Multi Currency support
  • Multi odds display (American – 100 odds versus European 25 odds)
  • Cashing of labels, combo box values, etc in the web services box
  • Business rules maintained in a single DLL.
  • Distributed computing architecture
  • Push Server technology
  • Apart from the above feature set, the new application also included some more enhanced features such as application wrapper, player downloadable program (exe), etc.

Client: Global Leader in Digital Imaging Products

Problem Statement: The client had a Learning Management System (LMS), which they wanted to migrate to a new LMS in the latest cutting edge technology (.NET), without losing any of the existing data from the old LMS.

FCS Solution: The FCS team understood the existing LMS, and suggested a re-write of the complete system using .NET based architecture. This will include development of complete Web Services component with SQL Server 2000 as the backend.

FCS suggested the new LMS should be developed with the following technology set:

  • C#, ASP.NET & JavaScript languages
  • MS SQL 2000 as the Database backend
  • All database calls through web services using custom objects (no datasets).
  • Multi language support
  • All business rules and checks to be maintained in a single DLL.
    The new system now has the following feature sets/sections:
  • Getting Started & Membership section
  • Course details
  • Assessment & Reports
  • View & Manage announcements
  • Manage user groups & send email
  • Super admin, admin, author, instructor, student and manager functions
  • The learning application is developed supporting compliance to AICC level 2a, SCROM version 1.2 and Section 508 standards.

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.NET Case Studies

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