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Domain Expertise








Domain Expertise Heading
domain expertise heading


Domain Expertise

In a fast-changing world where expertise can be defined in many different ways, FCS defines domain expertise as knowledge, experience and competence that has been acquired through consistent track record of successful solutions in specific areas. Rather than being all things to all people, we primarily focus on an in-depth understanding of the possible IT solutions to very specific functional areas.

 With detailed understanding on specific domains we effectively address our client's concerns, and in many cases, even actually help our clients better define their problems. Through efficient technologies, we use knowledge to effectively address our clients' problems.

Our approach is to utilize a team of domain experts to work collaboratively to meet the client’s product specifications and designs. This enables us to ensure that we deliver solutions that actually meet customers' expectations and in the shortest possible time.

In each of our domain areas, we have well-established teams, validated processes and efficient business analysts who have an in-depth understanding of the processes in the specific functional areas. Hence when you choose to work with us you can largely leverage on our extensive experience and the reusable components.

This would have a direct impact on the turn-around time and add value to processes envisaged at your end. We also strongly believe that an application should have a very friendly user interface to ensure success in usage. This would benefit the end-user by enabling him/her to come closer to the application faster.

Our online training expertise coupled with the above mentioned emphasis ensures that we are masters in change management. These two expertise combined with functional expertise ensures certainty of success.

Core Areas:

 We understand that technology has to deliver solutions that meet business needs. It is this requirement that fuels our continuous quest for understanding technological solutions for improving business processes as applicable to a host of verticals.

Our core areas are:

  • Sales Force Automation
  • Portal Development and Management
  • User Interface Engineering
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)




FCS Provides :
Very high quality

Timeliness and creative
Virtual extension of your department
Transparent project management
Integrated solutions
Huge cost savings
Intense exposure of team