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IT Application Comprehensive platforms
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For over a decade, FCS has been providing just-the-right application development and maintenance support to make your business successful. FCS’s products, combined with its world-class professional services and partner technologies, provide comprehensive platforms for delivering the integrated solutions businesses need to be successful.

Today, Fortune 500 companies and other small and medium enterprises use FCS to manage, support and deliver applications. FCS experience has helped our customers grow their business and build competence around their crucial assets, such as employees.

The Right Team
Experienced guidance to drive business performance
FCS offers deep expertise and experience in helping customers get the maximum from the application development and maintenance. FCS management team sharply focuses on each customer’s needs, understands their business objective and delivers solutions that best suit their requirements. FCS management helps bring the right quality focus.

  • Satisfied base of clients with a long-term relationship
  • Repeat business from all our clients


Core Competencies
The right focus and understanding
FCS core competency lies in the area of integrated solutions. FCS is experienced in creating the right architecture, user friendly Interface through the right technologies that not only allows our customers to meet their business needs.


Offshore Benefits
Get more, give out less
FCS has all ingredients of an ideal offshore application development and maintenance partner. FCS provides ease of remote relationship, superior technical expertise, transparency, flexibility and project control; thereby giving cost effectiveness due to location advantage. At the minimum cost, how do our customers get their desired solutions that are remotely and easily customized to their requirements… contact us to know more.


Who’s Who Trust us
Serving fortune 500 companies
From Office automation leaders to Retail and Digital Imaging Solution Leaders…FCS Solutions have impacted the way they do their business not only by helping them:


Transparent Project Management
Maintaining the control and project monitoring

Our Offshore Project Management capabilities are well augmented by the requisite hardware set-up and software expertise. In fact, our project management value system is to:

Provides authentic and transparent information sharing and communication Archives all sources of communication for future reference and feedback Provides clients full control over the project workflow, status, and staff involved.


Adaptability to growing business needs
FCS’ capabilities to scale up or down depending on your business needs, helps you keep a secured level of manpower inventory with you. FCS helps its customers manage the offshore teams, without having to bother on the resources that may go up or down, as business move ahead.


User Interface Engineering
The powerful and impactful learning experience.
Many solutions offered by different vendors often lack clarity in terms of navigation and flow and hence get very boring – losing the right impact. At FCS we realize this and give the user what he really wants. Using the Simplify-Communicate–Motivate Model FCS gives its users the right experience, ease of navigation, thus letting application deliver results rather than get dumped.



FCS offers :
Very high quality

24x7x365 operations
Timeliness and creative
Virtual extension of your department
Transparent project management
Integrated solutions
Huge cost savings
Intense exposure of team