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Business Continuity plan

Infrastructure Recovery Management Plan


Remote Location Mirror Servers for all applications in San Jose, CA.

  Backup of document folders in San Jose, CA servers
  Remote logging facility using Internet
  Private captive power generation of 500 KVA operational in Noida Tech Support Center in case of national grid failure
  Private water bores at 120 feet below earth in place

Functional Area Recovery Management (FARM) Plan


Local Notification List

  Remote Notification List
  Work-in-progress documentation and weekly written updates to Delivery Head
  Live online Project/ Process Dashboard
  Enterprise wide Succession Plan to replace team or team member
  Knowledge Transfer Methodology Process

Functional Hardware in San Jose, CA office (REMOTE Location)


Dual Pentium Xeon based Dell Servers with redundant Power Supplies and RAID storage

  T1 Internet connection
  Dual local loop for international private leased circuit of a half T1 bandwidth between
  US and Noida (India) Tech Support office
  End to end land based cable connection between US and India office
  US and India LANs are interconnected and are in trusted NT configuration mode
  High capacity DLT tape of 40/80 GB backup procedures operational
  Virus Protection software and processes in place
  Software Version Control Management in place

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