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Quality Statement

Customer delight happens when he/she gets fault free service first time and on time. The core quality parameters are:


Create the best possible quality monitoring program

  Integrate quality monitoring with hiring and training programs
  Use industry-proven criteria for evaluating and scoring agents
  Learn the do’s and don’ts of providing feedback to employees
  Select the best quality monitoring process for its process

Enstaserv Quality Cycle

Quality Assurance

We at Enstaserv believe that Quality is to be better than the best; it is the enhancement of the inner self, which leads to the highest possible growth. The mission of the Quality Assurance (QA) team is to enhance and extend current quality practices, and to educate by sharing its learning and perceptions.

The role of the Quality Assurance (QA) team at Enstaserv is to provide assistance and give ongoing feedback to the associate regarding their individual performance while processing calls. Feedback includes appreciation on strong areas of performance as well as guidance to improve areas of concern.
The Quality Assurance team plays a key role in the operations through the following functions:

Call monitoring sessions conducted for the Customer Service Representatives (CSR's) to ascertain and measure call quality. See below Voice Logger System for call recording.


Providing required feedback and coaching of CSR's to enhance their capabilities


Tape monitoring and digital recording of calls for further reference and training purposess

  Quality Verification of each 'sale' achieved prior to forwarding to the client

Coordination with the Operations Team and filtering of quality feedback to the CSR's 


Recording and maintaining quality reports and files of each CSR for reference and performance analysis

  Designing Incentive plans to motivate CSR's with respect to quality

Monitoring - Voice Logging Software for voice recording of Technical staff

Voice Logger keeps recording the conversation of Subscriber’s and Technical Staff. Proper feedback is provided to technical staff to improve upon their service level. This also acts like a monitoring device.

Technical Staff Performance Measurement and Feedback Quality Process

The Quality Assurance Agent (QAA) monitors the calls on the basis of the parameters laid down in conjunction with the client apart from the soft skills, selling skills and other mandatory requirements. The following are the basic procedures followed:


Each CSR is monitored at least thrice a week.

  Every QAA is dedicated to one team or a fixed number of CSR's. These CSR's are monitored at least thrice a week. Depending on the earlier weekly scores the agent will CSR's are prioritized for call monitoring sessions.
  Each CSR is provided feedback at least twice a week Every QAA has to make sure that agents in their team should be provided feedback at least twice in a week. The feedback is based on the calls monitored and comments noted thereof.
  Each CSR is expected to achieve a quality grade above 85% Cooperation is extended to the agent to achieve a minimum quality score of 85%. This is a laid benchmark for an agent to be considered as good. 
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