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Project Staffing

Requisite Deployment of Technical Staff and Delivery Managers are critical for successful delivery. We follow strict recruitment guidelines to hire only the right people for the job. Each of our technical roles is very strictly defined. The role description forms a part of our offer letter and each new recruit is made to understand his/her role very clearly.

At the recruitment time, you always have many eligible applicants to take up a job. Our recruiters will create a job requisition detailing the job profile, processes and domain knowledge. They will map out the companies from where such people can be head-hunted (if experienced people needed) or the educational institutions, which offer similar training programs. We will invite at least 4 times more candidates for short listing. Delivery Head conducts final interviews of short listed candidates. The candidates will undergo 1-3 month process training induction program before being allocated for production work.

Title Responsibility Responsibility
Delivery Head Practice Head for a process · Client’s Interaction
· 10-12 yrs of exp
Delivery Manager Service Head and Delivery · Process Owner
· Delivery, 8 Yrs of exp.
Team Leaders Manage a group of Members · Interaction with Members and Delivery, 4-5 Yrs of exp
Technical Team Members Call Handling and Technical Support · Service Level
· 2-3 Yrs of exp.

As a rule, we at Enstaserv maintain 25% reserve manpower for consistent performance and make sure that it does not get impacted by unforeseen attrition. This helps us consistently deliver bug free deliverables to our clients.

Professional Classification for hiring


We recruit people with technical background. Professionals having a Graduate degree in technical specialization or technical diploma are most suited for the profile.


Our Delivery Heads and Delivery Managers have minimum 12 and 8 Years of experience with domain expertise in one process at least.

  Our Team leader (TL) has 3 to 5 years of experience.
  We have 11 Delivery Managers.

Our Technical Agents have 2-3 years of experience level and a minimum of 6 months of Technical Support Experience

  We have around 250 Technical Staff on our payroll.
  We also have adequate reserve who are undergoing training.

Recruitment Capability


Very strong recruitment capability.

  Mapping of major talent resource towns in India.
  Existing manpower database – constantly increasing.
  Right recruitment, role clarity and appropriate project allocation has resulted in
  Low turnover rate
  Proven Expertise – Serving clients in USA consistently for 6 years

Hiring Techniques

Hiring is done in stages. These are


Application screening.

  Aptitude Test.
  Service Orientation/ Etiquette Check.
  Language Test (GD
  Domain Test

If desired then candidate is taken to next level of Interview with Delivery Managers.

In case of selection of Delivery Heads and Delivery Managers, an interaction with management is a must.

At times these candidates are scheduled for an interaction with clients if clients wish so.

Employee Care and Motivation Management

Through a well-managed training and development center, employee care, sports and recreation, we retain our top talent. We provide the right career path for each individual through proper counseling. We provide free meals and pickup/drop facilities.

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