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  Communication Infrastructure & Process

We have created fault tolerant Voice and Internet Infrastructure to handle voice calls, e-mails, and chat. We have an International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) to carry voice calls from the subscriber end to our facility. In case of a failure of IPLC, calls are automatically routed on an ISDN network. In case of a failure of both IPLC and ISDN, calls are routed on VOIP protocol using Internet. While AT&T is our IPLC provider, we have Qwest for our T1 voice and T1 internet supplier in USA. In India, our IPLC connectivity is provided by a TATA group company, VSNL and a government of India company STPI provides internet connectivity.

  Infrastructure Scalability
 Facility Address  Noida, Near New Delhi, India
 Area  24,000 square feet
 Communication  512 KBPS IPLC Set Up, 512 KBPS Internet,  Internet  Access 24x7x365, Back up Link 64  KBPs,  ISDN,  Video Conferencing, VOIP using  OKI voice  gatewayst
 Platform Availability  Windows all versions, MAC OS, Solaris, Linux
 Backup Facility  Gurgaon, Near Delhi, India


Noida facility fully operational. Can accommodate 400 people

  Gurgaon Facility can be made operational within 30 days for 400 people. This gives us the bandwidth to take care of the needs of a large client. 
  Fully secure facilities with all required utilities

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